Point of Sale

Displaying products in an innovative and attractive manner goes a long way in getting that sale. Indesign Plastics + Displays understands the competitiveness in the retail market and offers point of difference point of sale. CNC machined signage, engraving, display hardware (cable, rod and spacers etc) also available. Examples of applications and more are available or can be developed to suit your needs.

Retail: Cabinets, display stands, carousels (counter top and floor), slat wall and peg board systems, poster displays, wall mounted and free standing multi-rack brochure holders, encapsulation of awards, memorabilia and collectables, menu holders and trophies.

Food: Dry food storage and dispensing bins (eg coffee beans, confectionery, bread), cake and pastry display stands, cabinets and shelving, open fridge dividers.

Product: Eyewear carousels, secured jewellery display cabinets and display stands.

Point of Sale Work